Friday, January 6, 2012

A Dress for Hilda from Nancy

Hilda chatted away while her maama tried to eat her Christmas lunch. A little hole in the wall “restaurant” was open on Christmas as were so many other income producing shops in the Kikubamutwe slums just outside Kampala. Rice and chicken for my Christmas meal was just enough given the limited menu of local foods offered in such places. Christmas isn’t about presents or having some fancy meal (even though some bbq ribs from Rio Grande did sound yummy).

I slipped up close and Hilda became even more animated. Jibber, jabber, jibber, jabber. Because maama was eating, I didn’t ask that Hilda try on the dress, but I’m sure she would have been adorable. Several Ugandan maama’s commented about the dresses and that there would be a good market here for such things. For now, a gift for Hilda and her maama is just a tiny reminder that God loves them both.