Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Dolly for Ferry Girl from Lucy

Ferry girl peeked over the edge of the seat at me but wasn’t interested in any attention from me at all. She and her only slightly older sister were being stubborn with one another so the sister was taken away to be entertained elsewhere. I peeked a dolly over her maama’s shoulder and she resisted. Maama gladly accepted the gift, thanked me, and proceeded to cradle the dolly like a baby. Soon the girl was warming to the gift, particularly when the maama cradled Ferry Girl who cradled the baby doll.

Return the slightly older sister. Time to fight for that doll. The formerly uninterested Ferry Girl was now all ownership over that doll. She wasn’t going to share with anyone and…by the way…she was quite busy showing all the ferry passengers her dolly. Each person, including the men, showed great interest for her benefit. Pleased with herself she returned to her seat and plounced around with her dolly.