Sunday, January 1, 2012

Clothes for Boys

The overabundance of girl gifts prompted one beautiful woman to make some cute clothing for boys from fabric donated by another woman. I just love what can happen when we all share our gifts. Among the pile of children in the Kikubamutwe slum, it wasn’t difficult to find boys who were just the right size.

A shorts outfit made from her husband's jammies.

Naked boy from previous post - Simon Peter.

Cute little shirt. I think I mixed up which top went with
which bottom, but they matched.

One boy in particular stood out to me that Christmas day. His name is Simon Peter and he was the naked boy standing in front of all the girls who were posing for their dolly photo. His bright red outfit was the perfect fit and his smile was so adorable. He was so proud to have this new suit. Why was he naked in the first place? Didn’t he seem a bit old to be unclothed, although none of his peers seemed to mind? Whatever the case, I was so happy to give these adorable goodies to the boys as well as the girls. Simon Peter appeared in various places throughout our trip through the slum wearing his new cloths and his proud grin.