Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Dinner at Bugembe Prison

Two generous donors sponsored Christmas dinner and apples for the folks at Bugembe Prison. The cost to travel there myself would have been more than the cost of the food, so after arguing with myself about the value I would add to the event, I handed over this responsibility to Carpenter John and he managed the task well. I've delayed the post in lieu of getting more information about the event. Here's what I learned.

For some reason they wouldn’t allow photos of the prisoners that day…although they’ve allowed me to take many photos in the past. A few photos of the servers were allowed, though. I believe the new officer in charge prohibits photos now. I did hear, though, that the group was so very well fed and grateful. I’ll head back for a visit later this week and see if I can convince the OC to return to allowing photos. I might even be able to get the former OC to endorse our work there. It’s no fun to give for an event like Christmas and not even get to see a few pictures.