Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Muslim Drummer

Carpenter John (standing left)
Muslim drummer (seated center)
Pastor's Apprentice Geofrey (standing right)
I mentioned when handing out Bibles in Bugembe Prison last time that several Muslim men accepted the gift alongside the Christian and pre-Christian people. Then we learned that this Muslim man was also a cobra and willing to teach the prisoners the trade so that when they’re released they can have some livelihood.

During this visit this man was drumming in worship to Jesus and not letting his Bible out of sight. A curiosity quickly cleared up by Carpenter John who indicated that the Muslim drummer was now a Christian drummer and that his decision was influenced by the Bibles, the skills development training, and the Christian men in his skills learning group. Yea God!

I wonder what would have happened if the generous folks in SC wouldn’t have sent all those Bibles or what would have happened if Carpenter John hadn’t introduced me to the folks in this prison or if Heidi hadn’t introduced me to Robert. I know God could have found another way but…I don’t want him to. I want him to use us all in this wild chain of events to change lives. We are definitely bringing the surprise of the Living Hope!