Saturday, December 24, 2011

Konoweka Tailoring Graduation

Nine women graduated from their tailoring course and anxiously waited to show me their progress in learning to sew. In the beginning they practiced in cement bags but Annie – the woman caring for this group on behalf of Surprised by Hope – secured some fabric for them. I delivered their graduation gift bags provided by so many of you and promised another sewing machine once they learned how to care for the one they have.

Beautiful and unique fabric patterns fill the Kampala markets. Each
woman received two yards of cloth to make her first few dresses. I'm
thinking the fabric on the top right would be great for curtains in the house.
I’ve seen a number of sewing machine gifts turn into junk piles because the first one breaks down and no one knows how to fix it so they use the second one until that one breaks then they have nothing. I’m encouraging the women to learn how to care for their machine before adding more temptations not to bother. The next machine will include the zigzag function, silly me…thinking all machines have zigzag. But noooo, zigzag machines cost twice as much money.

We spent a bit of time talking about this dress pattern they can begin using, the one the girls are now wearing all around East Africa. Once they saw the sample and comprehended the simple genius of the pattern, they let out a collective gasp of amazement. After the holidays, we’ll get together and practice so that I can guide their learning about this pattern.

I can’t wait to see what other patterns my momma cooks up to help give these women products unique to the markets here in Uganda.