Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jacaranda Creations


Coaching people from another culture about work ethic is challenging, especially in a part of the world where work is so often unavailable. Yet Brenda persists in modeling and teaching the women who work as part of the leadership team of Jacaranda Creations so that they can grow and become positive influencers on people in their own communities…usually the slums.

The main office is located in a few tiny rooms just outside her home where two sewing machines are always on the move, their rythmic hum soothing. The walls are lined with shelves, which are typically overloaded with products made in the office or delivered from one of the many branches around Kenya. The floors hold baskets filled to the brim with an array of in-progress products.

You never know what new goodie you’ll find awaiting unsuspecting visitors but you can be sure you’ll always find a warm greeting and maybe even some tea.