Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Dress for Sarah from Jack

Sarah was one of the first children to greet us upon arrival at the Maururi branch of Jacaranda Creations, probably because she lived across the street. Her shock of black hair stuck out every which way and sliding a dress on over that mop probably didn’t help. I’m always surprised when I find children in Africa covered from head to toe with warm clothing and Sarah was no exception. Pauline helped ask if Sarah liked this dress and if she would like to wear it. Clutching her sandwich bag with a few small shillings, she simply allowed us to pull the dress on over her head. A perfect fit.

She took off running and we weren’t sure if this was a good sign or bad. A few minutes later, Sarah appeared with the dress neatly folded as she handed that dress back to Pauline. Her mother sent her to give the dress back, perhaps for fear that she’d be asked to pay for the tiny treasure. We signaled that the dress was a gift and her mother waved thankfully. Children swarmed around us all morning, but we never saw Sarah again.