Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Dress for Faith from Christian

One of the workmen at Shelemiah AIDS Orphans’ Care Ministries toted a baby in preparation for her evening bath. He thought he was going to sneak away quietly, but I spotted that child before he had the chance. Nope, she didn’t scream…she clung. Head resting comfortably on my shoulder during my tour of the compound, little Faith was content…as was I. I saw her father or caretaker – I know not which – was waiting and knew that I must relinquish this little doll but she felt a part of me…how could I give her up?

This contentedness didn’t seem to me to be for want of sleep or complacency…there was something else…something I can’t quite pinpoint. I sat down in the grass with baby Faith just to allow that closeness to sink into us. I closed my eyes and breathed her in. Faith…Christian Faith…this little girl and this little experience is just for you my lovely friend.

Faith was swallowed up by her tiny dress which fit more perfectly than expected. Once adorned, Faith allowed me to scoop her up again and kiss her tiny neck (some things just can’t be helped) without squealing. I cradled her, rocked her, and prolonged the moment that necessitated returning her to her father. Christian Faith…Christian Faith.