Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Dolly for Lisa from the Hogarths

The Kansanga Miracle Worship Center was packed for a night of Thanksgiving at Christmas. Traditional dance, music, and worship preceded a delicious dinner with new friends. Not far from my VIP seat sat a little girl in yellow who was just as cute as a button. She was intrigued by me and I took the opportunity to wave her over. I introduced myself and asked her name using my very best Luganda. In the typical quiet voice, she replied, “Lisa.” A pretty little dolly dressed in yellow, just like Lisa, peeked out of my dusty backpack and leapt into her arms.

Lisa and her baby; Lisa's momma and her baby
A very scary traditional drama started and Lisa screamed and ran horrified to her mother clutching her dolly tightly. Even her mother couldn’t assuage her fears. Once the scary part was over, though, Lisa ran back to my lap and continued watching. Whether it was her vantage point or her interest in me or the dolly, we’ll never know. She loved the kissing game with the dolly and smiled away. Everyone around us inquired about where I bought the cute dolly and I proudly told them that MY momma made them for me J

Time to get into the food line and Lisa was left behind (sniffle). She got her own little meal and as I headed into the church for the main event, we waved an affectionate good-bye. I actually miss this adorable little girl and wish I could have spent more time with her.