Monday, December 12, 2011

Candy for the Children

A giant five-pound bag of candy was one of many of the heaviest things to fill my 70 pound carryon luggage. The pages of the Bibles, coloring books, and Berenstain Bear books that made up the rest of that bag now smell like Bazooka. The children love sweet treats, and while I don’t love handing out “food” that isn’t good for them, they seldom receive such frivolous goodies.

I handed two adorable boys a couple pieces of gum. The littler one stuffed the whole thing in his mouth and chewed, the giant wad struggling to stay concealed. I decided I’d better put Katelynn, the beautiful intern working with Jacaranda for the past month, in charge of distribution. She began handing out this candy discretely with some success but soon the children came from all around. The girls had enough sense not to stick the Now & Later in their mouths all at once and decided to lick them from their wrappers…sticky goo dripping off their elbows.