Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nakasero Market

Another place requiring mastery navigation is Nakasero Market. Nakasero is known for its fresh fruits and veggies and, although much smaller than the taxi park, Nakasero requires an air of confidence too. The foods prepared as a result of Nakasero are typically delicious. I never knew fruits and vegetables to be so richly flavorful. Nakasero is also where the best prices can be had (as long as you’re not mzungu). Quite a while ago I became frustrated with the mznugo prices in Nakasero and starting asking Thomas, my Kampala boda man, to pick a few things for me so I could have local prices. The only problem is that once they figured out he was making purchases for me all the prices went up for him too. Still, the foods are indescribably delicious.

The tri-light pole seen in the distance is the road I use to move down
to the taxi park, where the second set of pictures in that post were taken.