Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kampala Taxi Park

The Kampala taxi park – better known as the new taxi park (although why new, I have no idea) – is a place filled with all manner of taxis heading to various destinations throughout the country. This is where I can board a taxi to head down Entebbe Road toward home…if I can find the right taxi. The rush hour crush is literally that. Taxis vying for space along the narrow roads of Kampala.

I’m proud to say that I actually do know how to navigate my way around this park with relative ease. I learned the skill many moons ago, and I can even do it while half the population calls out “mzungu” and grabs at my arm, but only recently did I learn how to get around Kampala well enough independently so that I can find the Entebbe stage where I can exit the city without using the taxi park. I used only to find the stage by accident. Now I can find it on purpose. Yea me!

Panning toward the park, you can see the road (kind of)
where I walk to enter the park. The umbrellas are a layer of vendors
separating the road from the taxi park.

A thick layer of vendors selling anything you might need before heading home.

The grand monster...which taxi do you take to get home?

A view of the park from another location.
The third story on the green building to the right is where
the first three photos were taken.
The road below is the road mentioned in the first photo.

Same road. I get a taxi to Banda on Monday's
to meet the Konoweka ladies for Bible study.
Among traffic, drivers must also dodge pot holes
large enough to swallow a small car.