Thursday, September 8, 2011

Games with Olivia

The wind howled and the single, rusty iron sheet covering the small family-filled apartment lifted so that the dark clouds could be seen outside before returning to its resting place on top of the cement walls. The air pressure changed; I wondered about tornados in Africa. The wind began churning the debris outside and the roof threatened some more. Just as we closed the door to keep out all types of flying things the power went out. With the door shut, the room was black. A small candle lit the midday atmosphere in the sitting room but the flame teased us relentlessly. The rains came.

Olivia, the reason I originally landed in Uganda, has come to expect that I bring some kind of game or book when I visit and she would not be disappointed. I love spending time with this bright young girl when she is on holiday. Children in Uganda tend to board at their school and visitors are encouraged to wait until visitation day to come. So, wait I did (except when I first arrived…I couldn’t wait). I pulled out the Skip-Bo game and she quickly learned to play.

Other family members joined us but struggled with some of the game play concepts. Olivia was by far the brightest and most worthy challenger. I love seeing the transformation in this young girl as she grows. When I told her I would not see her until December, her face fell. How nice to think that she might miss me as much as I will miss her.