Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Tailor and A Cobra

Did you know that those little elves that repair and shine your shoes while you sleep are called cobras? To begin their skills development training in the Bugembe Prison, I supplied a small fund. John ran out to purchase all that was needed to begin cobra training – polish, brushes, needles, thread and more. He also purchased materials for the tailor to begin teaching as well – paper bags for beginners, thread, needles, oil and such for maintaining the machine, and more.

We lugged this giant bag of potentially dangerous supplies into the O/C’s office and made arrangements to launch the program on Sunday. We were allowed to bring the goods to the prisoners only to show them that we are serious about helping them learn or improve skills.

We called forward the tailor and cobra and both men had grins from ear to ear. One man, the tailor, was particularly smiley. Perhaps I noticed his dimples. The men were immeasurably happy and thanked us profusely for believing in them. Another man said that if he had this short list of supplies he would teach brick laying. All the skilled tradesmen joined in with their short lists.

Finally, one man very humbly said that he was gone the day we distributed Bibles and please may he have a Bible too. Two others spoke up in agreement. I just happened to have two boxes of Bibles in the boot (trunk). Yea God! I am so excited about this huge provision of Bibles and what a blessing they have been to the people in Uganda.

As we left the building, I looked once more for that flat  rainbow that caught my attention as I’d entered. I’d never seen a flat rainbow before. I’m sure there is some important and significant meaning in that beautiful sight just before entering. I know we were all doing something pleasing to God.