Friday, August 26, 2011

John's Vision for Bugembe Prisoners

John, his wife Monica, and some of their many children.
Returning to the car, John continued to express his amazement at the hope I gave him for these prisoners – he is the one who chose the word hope. I tried to help him see that God put this vision in his heart and that he is the one reawakening something in John. John realizes this truth but I think he felt like something unique happened that maybe wouldn’t have happened if I’d not been here to encourage and guide him.

Thank you to all my supporters for allowing me to be the catalyst for John and so many others.

John talked about his long term vision for these prisoners. He talked excitedly of having a small plot of land where those who are exiting prison and had no trade to support themselves could begin brick-making. They would have work for a short time or a long time, depending on what was needed and perhaps one man would be the paid leader.

This brick making could lead to brick laying and other building-related skills so that they eventually built classrooms and apartments for themselves. What a beautiful vision for these prisoners. For a small amount – something less than $5,000 USD two to four acres of land could be purchased nearby. So close in the minds of Americans yet so far for Africans. Please pray with me that this door would be opened for John and that his vision for these prisoners would be accomplished.

I believe that God is indeed doing something special here. There’s just something about this group. I don’t know what it is but there’s something. I love those moments and I love the anticipation of knowing God is planning some wonderful surprise!