Thursday, August 4, 2011

Games with the Children

Our strategy for playing games with the children was to return later in the afternoon when we could gather only those who were enrolled. Having experienced this kind of hopeful selectiveness before, I anticipated the impossibility of the exercise. You cannot play games with some and ignore the rest. It’s just not possible and our hearts break over excluding children from simply fun experiences.

Prior to going to the island I encouraged Vickie to prepare some strategic games and lessons for the children, but until she saw how the day went she really didn’t understand what I meant. Our evening of reflection about the visit resulted in the desire to prepare lessons for the mothers to help their children learn when school is not in session as well as lesson-based games for the children…all of them.

We can use the school house as a meeting place and include anyone who wishes to attend. We can bring games and toys to help the mothers and children learn together as well as plan to use the items available on the island. There’s no reason you can’t learn to count with kernels of maize, eggs, or stones. There’s no reason you can’t learn colors with wild passion fruit, tree leaves, and the sky.

We’re excitedly planning our next trip to visit with and teach these families with the hope that the mothers will continue the education of their children.