Sunday, August 7, 2011

Entrepreneurship in Buwenge

Twenty of the brightest minds gathered for the first Entrepreneurship course ever held in Buwenge, Uganda. Our session involved evaluating whether or not TTATCC has a viable business concept, and starting to plan for the business’ success. Along with developing a number of successful business concepts that individuals may opt to implement, we spent much time evaluating the company description and the management team.

Alone helps facilitate the assigning of groups,
 while Alex looks on.

What do you think of when you hear the organization name The Teachers Association to Cater to Children? I personally think of a group of teachers gathering to share best practices, make curriculum decisions, and learn new skills together. This interpretation is far from reality. Group members responded that they’d always felt they had to defend the name because people pressed them about the misalignment between the name and the activities. Once we talked about the need for alignment and meaning, they said they suddenly felt free to make a change rather than to defend a name that no longer worked.

Before getting to the name, however, we evaluated the vision and mission. I asked dozens of questions to help pull out meaning and chose clarifying words. The group responded with enthusiasm and something akin to an “ah-ha” moment. The leader expressed the sentiment that this in-depth evaluation with specific focus on the importance and meaning of every word was one of the most clarifying and valuable activities the group has done together.