Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meet Baby Ricky

On Tuesday, July 5 at 5:40 in the evening, Gabriel and Ann welcomed Loyan VonRick into this world. I was honored when Lobu invited me to give a name to the tiny boy and coincidentally we both had some form of Rick in mind. Yes, I chose the name Ricky because of my husband without whom I would not be in Uganda today. He and Lobu share the same quiet, sweet spirit that I pray for tiny baby Ricky.

Bundled in four layers of blanket, which I will never understand, baby Ricky slept quietly while I looked on. His tiny 2.8 kgs (6.1 pounds) frame vanished into the recesses with only his bitty face exposed to the world.

Baby Ricky’s teeny tiny little fingers were mzungu color, and wrapped themselves gently but firmly around my own. His black curls were softer than a flower petal. Awake for a short time, he peeked up at me…studying, studying. Gabriel and Ann both commented how much baby Ricky looks like me. He will be called Ricky.

To be invited into the hearts and lives of this small family means more to me than I can express. Baby Ricky, you are welcome!