Monday, July 25, 2011

A Man Got the Tar Beaten Out of Him

Augustine sent me ahead to get on the bus. While he waited patiently to get my bag loaded a tussle ensued outside my window, about 20 feet from my seat. A man was bloody in the face and mouth and sank to the ground where other men proceeded to kick and stomp on him. I prayed. The man rose up again with his blood stained face and the argument resumed.

Given that my wallet was just stolen and that I was feeling very unsafe, I wished like crazy that Augustine would hurry up and get on the bus and come sit next to me. When he finally did embark, he said he thought the guy getting beaten was a petty thief…the kind who probably stole my wallet. He said that when people like that get caught the crowd is very unkind to them. Why, then, did no one say anything when someone picked my wallet?

I wondered if this guy had my wallet too. A surge of revenge caught in my throat but died away quickly. Today I feel that social justice can be a good thing. I’ll repent later. I spent a short time on the bus next to Augustine feeling very unsettled. Smunched car, stolen wallet, a beating. Wait, was the enemy trying to keep me from ministering in Paidha? Was he trying to get me to be afraid of life in Uganda so that I would just give up and go home? Oh buddy…apparently he doesn’t know me very well. Tell me I can’t do something and watch the ferocity and determination rise up!