Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Lord is My Shepherd

While waiting for dinner, typically very delicious meals prepared by Amen, the lady in whose house I stayed in Paidha, the original 20 children plus a few extras gathered around to stare at this freak show again. Not long after, the children began demanding… “sing.” Once again, we went through the songs until I pulled Augustine in to sing a new song with me. He quickly learned the song from Psalm 23 and we sang it in rounds.

The Lord is my shepherd I’ll walk with him always
He leads by still waters I’ll walk with him always
Always, always, I’ll walk with him always
Always, always, I’ll walk with him always

We got pretty good at it and stopped. Then we heard this faint whispering of the song coming from two older girls who had been listening intently. Augustine and I each took a girl and began singing the song in rounds again. Two and two. The other children listened as we all sang. These girls were quite good. Mothers watched on too but they were not interested in learning the song.

Keep your eyes on the girl in the red shirt in the far left of the photo.
You'll see her again soon.
After we let these girls rest their voices, I taught the hand slapping game to one of the girls using Miss Suzie Had A Steamboat. Okay, after I went through the first time I realized this might not be exactly the song to teach. Luckily the song was long and complex so there’s no chance they’ll remember. However, they might find a way to use the hand slapping part to some of the songs they already know.

Again, a whisper of the Psalm 23 song came from behind me. It was Augustine, the song was stuck in his head. What a blessing music can be.