Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Karamoja Unaccompanied: Part II – The Well

Now what? I was to get pictures of a well to pass along to the donors and then return home the next morning. A quick recommendation to Pastor Philip that he arrange a ride for me despite his absence netted a kind young man, a stranger still, who introduced himself as Ronald, an assistant to Pastor Philip. He said that he looked for me at the bus but when he didn’t find me he simply asked the people if they saw me. Needless to say there aren’t many bright girls getting off the bus in Matany every day. They all pointed toward the Inn.

Ronald had a boda man with him who “knew” the way to Kayapath. This young man was concerned for my safety because of the approaching storm. I told him, “drive fast.” Finding your way to an entirely unmarked and unpathed (a new but accurate word) location…well, I did consider that I could have easily been in major trouble way out there. A few stops for directions and we found the village this particular boda man grew up in and left so many years ago. He went to school in Jinja and returned to Karamoja later for lack of work.

He skillfully navigated the bike through kilometers of slimy muck. Remember that the area has been dry for ages but recently the rains have come (thus Pastor Philip’s delay). Snap, snap, snap and the photos were done. The well was locked so that the cement could dry, which meant that we could not take photos of the well in operation. None-the-less, what a wonderful and generous gift to the people of Kayapath.

We made it back to the Inn just in time to beat the downpour and I generously rewarded the very kind young man who was entrusted with my life for that short journey. Pastor Philip finally arrived and greeted me at the Inn. We shared a time of fellowship and food, just the two of us. I missed Agnes (his wife) and the girls (Joy and Grace), but I promised to visit again. I am so blessed to know this family.