Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Dolly on Bubembe Island

While visiting Bubembe Island in January, one of the 84 Ssese Islands, Vickie and I registered 10 children for the VKids Trust Uganda child sponsorship program. One of those children was a young girl who was caught by surprise and began whaling when she saw me. A dolly ought to have made it all better. After some reassurances from her momma, this girl quieted but she was not to be willingly nearby me.

As we prepare to return to the island next week and spend more time with these children playing with and encouraging them, this girl kept coming to mind. I hadn’t originally posted about her and this dolly and I’m not sure why. However, these dolls have become a small but important part of my ministry on behalf of my mother and I wanted to be sure to include her.

When I finally found the photo, I found the name…Patience Kisakye. Sometimes it’s just creepy how God brings these things to our minds. Why did I hunger after this girl and her story? How funny that her names include Kisakye.

Bringing gifts to bless those we minister to, yet not to create a dependence, is valuable in establishing and maintaining open relationships. If you would like to be part of developing these ministry avenues, click on a link below to find out more.