Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bujagali Falls and Bujagali Dam

Bujagali Falls is soon to be home of the Bujagali Dam. The newly constructed dam is supposed to meet the energy needs of the country, or at least improve them. Several groups are speaking out against the flooding of the Falls, particularly given that 95% of the population in Uganda doesn’t even have access to electricity.

On a more personal note, a recent visit netted this sign and the realization that my comfy seat among the rocks where I could dangle my feet into the rushing waters was now flooded. Slowly, slowly the waters encroach. Within the next four months the falls will disappear. My only hope is that the four months is African time and not Mzungu time.

My first visit to Bujagali and the perfect resting place.

My most recent visit to Bujagali netted this sign.
Note that this water level is at the height
of my shoulders in the previous photo (sniffle).