Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Dolly in Paidha

Augustine, Joel, and I sat in the back row of the church and just as worship began a tiny tot slowly approached. Typically all they want is to shake my hand, which is just fine with me (even considering where these hands of often been). I got the sense that her bigger sister or pack of friends was teasing her thinking she would be too afraid to approach. Instead, this little one with her big eyes reached both arms up signaling that I should pick her up. Me and my little melted heart did just that (only to discover bare buns under that pretty red dress).

She sat quietly and examined my white skin and the relatively long blond hairs on my arms as well as my blue eyes so different from hers. A dolly was in store for this little doll. She was so pleased. As usual the first operating procedure was to check under the dress – bare buns just like hers. She played with the buttons and ribbons on this doll. Untying the ribbon she then directed me to re-tie…over and over again. She examined this doll until she began yawning, at which time she tucked the dolly in close to her and leaned into my chest. Sleepy baby.

I think the sermon that day was something about how miracles are for today and that we don’t need a pastor to ask God for them. My little miracle was sleeping contentedly on my lap. There’s something indescribable that happens for me when these girls come close. So sweet, so healing, so peaceful. After church I found this girl once more wrapped with fabric and carrying her doll on her back, just like the mommas do. She’s starting early in getting practice to care for her own babies. Thank you Jesus for my momma and for these moments of tenderness I so often need.