Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rain for Karamoja

Typical landscape
with a few watered crops from the new well.

Green, green, green. Karamoja seldom gets rain…seldom as in a few days each year. This lack of rain causes starvation for the people in this region. Boarding schools send students home for weeks at a time because of a lack of food. But this week the rains came…and they came. The formerly brown and gray landscape became that lush, rich green so common to the southern part of the country.

Current lush landscape.

The crops responded to the moisture by popping out of the barren ground in haphazard dots across the landscape. Some gardens were man-height, others baby-height. Whatever the case, the people are less familiar with how exactly to care for these crops because they seldom have enough water to see them through to harvest. Can you imagine?