Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Dolly in Kyamagemule

Only God knows why exactly this pout-faced little girl latched onto me the very moment I set foot on the ground in Kyamagemule. I wasn’t the only muzungu there, I hadn’t said a word, I hadn’t even gotten out the bubbles yet. She followed my every step all over that school compound. Upon closer inspection I could see the circular scars on her scalp and skin that resemble the symptoms of HIV/AIDS. While I don’t know for sure that is what she has…let me just say…nooooo, in the name of Jesus! She can’t be more than three years old.

Little Nakato, of course, was the next recipient of the now-famous dollies. She studied this dolly and refused to let go when the other children approached for inspection. By the time our welcome ceremony was finished, during which she sat skin-to-skin close to me on a small wooden bench, she could hardly control the yawning.

Following the ceremony and a quick check on the well, I hopped into the van to wait for another meeting to finish. Nakato stood at the foot of that van by my feet. She just stood there. No expectation, no puppy dog eyes, just stood close. How odd…why/how does a child sense something like this. Yes, of course… I couldn’t resist any longer (not that I tried very hard) and lifted the child to my lap where she promptly fell asleep and I fell into heaven.

Really…can I just have a “holding sleeping children who may never get warm, gentle touches at home” ministry?