Monday, June 20, 2011

Change for Change

Many of us have heard that change is normal and that we should get used to it. Just about the time we get used to constant change, something changes. Some of us have even choked on a change wheel designed to “help” us through the change process.

For the women of the Nairobi slums, sometimes change doesn’t happen fast enough. When will change come to their living conditions? When will change come to the cost of school fees? When will change come to the sanitation facilities? When will change come to the lack of food on the table? You can help!

1.      Take one of the Jacaranda change purses.
2.      Fill it to the brim with the biggest change you can find. Ask your coworkers, talk to your neighbors, let your kids take it to school, empty the ash tray in your car, dump the Mason jar, clean under the sofa cushions, dig out the bottom of your purse. No, you don’t have to be able to zip it shut.
3.      Give the change (and keep the change purse) to a woman of Jacaranda Creations.
4.      Contact me for delivery and pick up.

One change purse to create positive change one woman.