Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ten Steps to Getting Settled

Arriving in Uganda necessitates completing a fixed routine of tasks before you’re really prepared to do much of anything (except take a nap). Follow this order to ensure the best possible results:

1.      Brush your teeth. They get a bit furry after 36+ hours of traveling.
2.      Check for sufficient toilet paper on the roll (Lauren has a little habit).
3.      Girl talk until way late the night you arrive.
4.      Sleep way less than you should.
5.      Skip breakfast because you weren’t there to shop the day before.
6.      Visit Gabriel’s house to see the progress since last visit.
7.      Change money at ForEx Bureau (unless some is left from last time) in Kampala.
8.      Buy internet data bundle from the cram-packed MTN store in Kampala.
9.      Find bottled water that hasn’t been repackaged.
10.  Pick up mephaquin (malaria medicine) at the pharmacy.
11.  Purchase Warid airtime for the phone from the guy across Entebbe Road.
12.  Shop for the day’s food (especially pineapple) at the Kawuku market. Try not to pay Mzungu prices.
13.  Clean up the kitchen from the previous week’s dishes (another little habit we won’t discuss here).
14.  Enjoy Lauren’s rendition of carrots and green beans for dinner (YUM).
15.  Praise God throughout the day for the many friends that find you just to say “welcome home.”

I know, you’re wondering about a shower. Well…it’s best not to ask.