Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ssese Islands: Three Businesses Part 3

The three jjajjas on Bugala Island will get another visit just because they are absolutely the most precious women I’ve ever met. I have the third blanket to deliver to the youngest jjajja, as last time only two were available.

Opportunity #3

Vickie inquired about developing a website for the jjajjas because they too have handcrafts available for sale and she felt their goods would fit well in the mix of artisans currently posted on the Surprised by Hope website. I asked Vickie what they might want/need by way of gifts and she had a small list: sugar, soap, rice, and paraffin (oil for the lamp). Can you imagine asking for these kinds of gifts and having them be such treasures? Three 80+ year old ladies living on an island without access to such “luxuries.” I am so privileged to be the hands that get to deliver such cargo to ladies who deserve so much more.

About $25 will purchase a small supply of these goods for one jjajja to last about a month. Would you like to help too? Make a tax deductible donation and then watch the blog for the story of their safe delivery.