Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ssese Islands: Three Businesses Part 2

One of the beautiful and influential women of Vickie’s life was her Aunt Robina. Aunt Robina, you may recall from a previous post, is the woman who started Ssese Island Honey with several other women on the island of Kalangala. I was quite impressed by the business planning and strategy skills of Aunt Robina…not to mention the delicious honey. The simple website we developed will serve as a reference for mainland businesses and as a communication tool for them to place orders. Truly, you must try this honey.

Opportunity #2

We’ll be meeting with Aunt Robina to watch the honey harvest and to develop a mainland distribution strategy for her small business. Likely the work will require Aunt Robina and Vickie to make contacts on the mainland at various restaurants and small tourist shops where the honey will be in demand.  We also hope to develop a financial model by which the equipment needed to take the business to the next phase can be obtained. Aunt Robina is a keen business strategist and I look forward to learning more about her current business plan.