Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ssese Islands: Three Businesses Part 1

Meeting Vickie and traveling with her to the Ssese Islands earlier this year opened the door to many wonderful opportunities. Planning for our return in July, with a more familiar frame of reference, is certain to further develop what we started and possibly create many new opportunities.

Opportunity #1

Our initial trip resulted in enrolling her first wave of children into the sponsorship program established by VKids Trust Uganda. We met families and gathered child-related information. We also began developing a website to give interested sponsors a place to learn more about the kids. Our return trip is designed to deepen the relationships with the families of these children so that they trust Vickie and her hopes for these kids. We’ll also spend time with the kids as a group playing learning games and fun games and just generally enjoying one another. We want the families and the children to become familiar with Vickie and to welcome her into their homes without fearing her motives.

Vickie suggested that bringing gifts would be a culturally appropriate and also a very helpful thing to do. She suggested sugar, rice, soap, and some clothing and shoes for the children. She also suggested getting some small prizes or sweets for the children’s games. About $50 would purchase enough of these supplies for one family and clothing for the enrolled but not yet sponsored child. Ten children are enrolled. Would you like to help too? Make a tax deductible donation and then watch the blog for the story of their safe delivery.