Saturday, May 28, 2011

Roadside Bubble Chasers

Soapy, slippery, stunning. The bubble chasers of Kawuku took time to understand what the bubbles were, but the children along the roadside to Kyamagemule never quite caught on. I hopped out of the van to play with the kids while the others shopped for school requirements. Okay, the children were more watchful than playful.

Bubbles. What could be the purpose of this mzungu blowing until she’s light-headed? What are these weird things coming out of that yellow stick? Why do they sometimes go this way and sometimes that way? A neighbor boy joined us while his mother watched on with a smile. I have a feeling she didn’t really know what they were either, but realized they were intended as a harmless game for the children.

Oh the simple things in life!