Monday, May 30, 2011

Homework in the Dark

Song and dance are common welcome gifts from the school children when we arrive in Kyamagemule. Unfortunately I cannot upload the video clip from here. Watching these children perform, right down to the tiny ones, is so much fun. The boys are quite adept at playing their drums too.

The sponsorship update on one child in Kyamagemule revealed a lack of paraffin (oil) at Joyce’s home, which means that she cannot do her homework because the house is too dark. As American’s we simply want to provide the paraffin for her. Culturally, we expect the paraffin would be used by the father and/or mother for cooking or for purposes other than light for homework and so…what is the best way to correct this problem of darkness? Perhaps the answer is to provide enough paraffin to fuel all the household needs so that there is enough for the lamp. But this is only a short term solution.

In reality we need to equip these people to produce their own income for paraffin and pray that they use
this paraffin for light to do homework. Alternatively, we need to help them find alternative light sources or alternative routines. Educating and equipping people who live so very far from any real marketplace to get paraffin from that same very far away marketplace is no easy task. Pray that God reveals an alternative solution to which the family may agree.