Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Herbert and the Boys

Two gigantic sows covered with long bristly hairs each had their own hand-built wooden pen. One sow’s belly hung as low as the ground, filled with what will be her first litter. The second sow had a litter of 10 or more piglets prancing around in their pen. The property is rented by Herbert and is used to shelter and raise pigs. Along with the two sows, Herbert has some more mature pork with a charcoal flavored destiny.

Free range chickens wander around a few doors down. The pen shelters a half-dozen hens from the sun, one of which is sitting on her pile of foster eggs. No one really knows who all the eggs belong to. The remaining chickens return only at feeding time. Apparently the neighbors are quite responsible about ensuring these chickens don’t get mixed up with someone else’s chickens. One of the boys delivered a tray of 30 eggs into my hands as a gift. I have 8 days to eat 30 of what are considered the highest quality eggs. Given that my recently purchased market eggs were all rotten, these 30 were quite welcome.

I met four of the boys Herbert cares for. These are boys taken from the streets so their school grade level is quite low when compared to their age. The boys were well dressed and clean for their first introduction to me. Very sweet, polite, and kind young men. I thank God for people like Herbert who are willing to sacrifice of themselves to help others, and that Herbert is a man who loves God and is filled with motivation, integrity, and responsibility.

My goal is to get to know these boys more with each visit so that I can be a positive influence in their lives and on their growth as men of God.