Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eunice's Hurdles

The first hurdle for Eunice, as you can imagine, is finding shelter. Few rental properties are available in Kitui, Kenya let alone properties of adequate size. Budget factors into the ability to secure shelter as well. Praise God, the folks at Rosslyn Academy raised enough to pay a small rental fee for one year. The biggest hurdle, though, is that there are even fewer landlords who will allow Eunice and her family AND the additional 17 children to live on their property. Water, electricity, and general heavy use incline the rental price upward for those willing to consider the whole lot of children.

Eunice had done much work in trying to find a safe and affordable dwelling before we arrived. We helped her just a bit more this week. Of all the places we visited there was only one of adequate size and budget. We were hopeful that this compound would work but later learned that the property would not be ready for some time and that the price increased. Sending these kids back to their former living conditions would be a sad thing indeed. Please pray that all parties involved would find mutually satisfying arrangements. And pray that Eunice and her children would be surprised by hope.

The second hurdle, is finding a way to meet the needs of these children after the Rosslyn Aca
demy grant expires. Eunice and her husband need finances to support their family plus these 17 additional children. Now remember that supporting a family of four in Africa is no simple chore. Add to that 17 children and the task becomes seemingly insurmountable. Thankfully Eunice is a bright, talented woman.