Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Biblical Life Ministries Meetings

The founders of Biblical Life Ministries, Kelly and Kathy Johnson, stayed in my home last August during their stateside furlough. We connected right from the start and began working together on organizational development plans for their ministry. During my September/October trip, I visited them in Nairobi, Kenya to deepen my experience with exactly what this ministry team does.

At that time we traveled to Malindi, on the cost of the Indian Ocean, where I observed the last few days of Bible school and participated in the graduation ceremony for 26 rural pastors. Seeing how these pastors respond to the Johnsons was amazing. This couple is gifted beyond words. I don’t think I’ve ever seen people in relationship like this.

I’m here in Kenya again to work with the Johnsons on continuing to develop their business plan. Midway through the week we made a trip to Kitui where we worked on a project with Eunice who is caring for 17 impoverished children. Kitui was the location of the 2009 Bible School in a Briefcase where 38 pastors graduated. I should not have been surprised at the number of pastors who very intentionally reconnected with Kelly while we were there. Eunice was the cook for that group of pastors and Kelly is planning a February meeting to connect resources among this group of graduate-pastors and the community project Eunice has undertaken.

Watching the pastor-graduate relationships deepen and knowing the knowledge of Christ is at the core impassions me with certainty that God intends this ministry to prosper. Returning to Nairobi, we continued the business planning efforts with emphasis on financial and fundraising plans, staffing plans, a few website development plans, and wrapping up action items from the previous trip.

Please join with me in prayer that the Bible school would continue to reach rural pastors in Kenya (and the whole of Africa), and that these pastor-graduates would in turn reach their communities with sound doctrine and changed hearts.