Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ssese Island Honey

Another organizational development ministry opportunity came in the form of honey. The beekeeping group began in 2006 with three members. Vickie’s Aunt Robina started the group from her home in the Kalangala District of the Ssese Islands. She has notebooks full of visions, plans, notes, agreements, goals, expenses, sketches, and more. The women started with a system of contributing money and that was 5,000 UGX ($2.50 USD) per member per month. Each member was given one month 15,000 and at the end of the month she had to bring back the money with the interest of 5,000. They did that for a year. After that they thought of rearing bees out of the profit they had collected.

The stated vision is to train the ladies in the Kalangala district to:
1.      At least we should make sure that we encourage them to have one beehive in each family.
2.      A lady can get that honey from one beehive that works as medicine in the home.
3.      She can get honey out of that beehive and get money which can help sustain her in the home. That is to say that will help the whole district to have ladies who have some money on them and are not depending on their husbands all the time.

These ladies have accomplished much since their inception including having achieved the #4 position for Uganda’s best honey. Their honey is sold in retail stalls throughout the island. I must admit, pure honey tastes much better than the kind that comes in a plastic bear. Gabriel and Vickie can attest to that. Watch for Aunt Robina’s Ssese Island Honey coming to the internet soon.