Monday, January 17, 2011

Karamoja Well Dedication

An anonymous donor sponsored a well for the Karamojongs living in Kokorio, one of the villages visited in September for a medical clinic. An official ceremony will be held in May when Laura, the founder of Mercy Uganda, is here. We held an unofficial ceremony this week so that the members of parliament responsible for this region and district could be present to witness the investment we’re making here and to verify our presence in support of Mercy Uganda’s international NGO status.

I was impressed by the resourcefulness of the Kokorio Karamojongs – when there are resources to be had – in that they’d already planted a few small crops near the well. This region is so dry that the fertile land often goes to waste for lack of rain. Even the aloe plants are all dried up. This well not only brings clean water to drink, but it also provides water for livestock and crops. What better way to spend $10,000!