Saturday, January 29, 2011

Eunice's Story

Eunice is a young married mother of two who lives in Kitui, Kenya. The dimple in her right cheek adds this adoring kind of look to her already sweet demeanor. During the 2009 Bible School in a Briefcase held there, Eunice served as cook for the 38 pastor-students. These pastors raved of her abilities even after being served.

Over the past several years Eunice has been moved to tears by the conditions in which she finds so many children living. Over time she’s taken on many of these children – 17 to be exact – in a foster care type of situation. She’s always worked, as much as work was available, to help provide for these children. Serving as cook enabled her to feed the children using leftovers from the school meals. But the school doesn’t go on forever.

This year Rosslyn Academy, the international school the Johnson’s girls attend, adopted Eunice and her kids as part of their Christmas project. The kids at the school raised money, food, and other things to help Eunice care for these kids during 2011. The Johnson’s have agreed to be Eunice’s shepherd-mentor over the next year to help her learn to budget her money and to begin some long-term planning for her very large family.

The three-hour drive to Kitui resulted in warm greetings from all the children. Take a look.