Monday, January 31, 2011

Brenda's Message

Brenda is a tiny little sweet-spirited pastor’s wife who gave a short message of introduction at New Song Christian Fellowship church on Sunday. She told a story about Sarah, a talented young Kenyan woman currently working for her at Jacaranda Creations. When Sarah was just a few weeks old her mother died. A short time later, as is so common in Africa, her step mother hid Sarah in an ash dumpster and covered her with ash intending to snuff out her life.

A very old granny lady sensed something in her Spirit, heard Sarah’s cries with her two ears, and used her two hands to pull this tiny baby out of the ash dumpster. This granny didn’t have any money. She didn’t have any food. She didn’t have anything to offer. She simply obeyed the Spirit by using her two ears and her two hands to rescue Sarah. She had no expectation beyond that moment of rescue. She didn’t work out in her head how the scenario would play out in her future. She simply stepped forward and lifted that lid.

Sometimes we look at a problem and think we have nothing to offer. We have no way to help. We can’t (or won’t) give money, time, or commitment. We don’t want to change our plans for this new and unexpected thing of today. But the most important thing we forget is that in the community of Christ we need only be obedient. God can and will use us in a variety of unexpected ways – amazing, wonderful ways. If you don’t follow the Spirit you are robbing yourself and others the opportunity to have life and to be surprised by hope!

God is so good and he will accomplish so many things in this world. He does not need us to accomplish his will. Even so, he is waiting for you to respond…to partner with him. He is waiting for “divine-human cooperation.” Will you learn to sense the moving of the Spirit in your life so that you can work with God to breathe life into hopeless situations?