Monday, July 30, 2018

Sensible Shoes: Kilifi

The Inner Healing ministry team served the children of this little primary school near Kilifi Town with 100 pair of Sensible Shoes. The children were so lovely in their welcome and their songs. As it happened, they were almost exactly 100 in number and almost all the shoes we had were the right size for these precious ones.

As is our custom, we taught the children a simple less on about walking in the way of love from Ephesians 5:1-2. When asked what it meant to love someone, they were very insightful: be kind, respect, obey, help, give, and more. What humbling examples of love, these children were.

We washed every foot and all their toes as we prayed for them to also walk in love. Once these excited little ones were finished, we prayed over their future lives. We prayed a growing intimacy with the Lord, that they would have healthy encouraging spouses, that they would have positions of leadership in the church where people sought them out for guidance, that they would have successful businesses, that they would have positions of leadership in the government, that one among them would become president someday, and that they would never lose their way.

Please continue to pray over these children and all the children who participated in Sensible Shoes ministry these many years. God bless you.

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Monday, April 30, 2018

Sensible Shoes: Kanani

Pastor Karisa organized a wonderful meeting with the Kanani Elder who in turn organized 100 children, which turned out to be about 250. I love how Pastor Karisa always sees an opportunity for evangelism beyond his own church area as many of these children do not attend church. Two little girlies who do attend church led singing along with Pastor who taught a few new songs with funny sounds. I offered a message about walking in love (Ephesians 5:1-2) and reminded the children how much they are loved and how they ought to love others. Because of flooding at the pump stations, the area has been without water for some time which means we were unable to wash these beautiful feet but our prayers will be unending.

When asked, Pastor commented that many of the people in this coastal area feel that praying for the future of their children is hopeless. They struggle to see anything good coming from this area. So our prayers for the 40-year future of these children to have the strength of the Holy Spirit in their lives, to have healthy marriages, to have successful businesses, to have positions in government, and that an ethical, honorable, and compassionate president would come from here were not in vein.

Thank you so the many people who made this ministry possible. I am so blessed to be your hands and feet here on the coast. You are making a difference, a BIG difference.

Here with the local leader at his home where more than 200 children gathered.

This little punkin boy came right to me and wrapped
himself around me. Such a beautiful smile, but
he knew it was customary not to smile in photos.

You might see shoes on these feet, but you cannot see the condition they're in.

Children EVERYwhere!

100 Pair of Sensible Shoes

Here are the singing girl leaders.

This mama carefully approached me and said, "thank you!"

The program was wonderfully organized and God was with us.

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Sensible Shoes: Kagombani

Kagombani PEFA Church

We were blessed to offer Sensible Shoes ministry on January 6, 2018 (though I forgot to post to the blog) at Kagombani PEFA Church just outside Malindi. Pastor David arranged so many lovely children and some well organized mothers to help and we were all blessed.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bugs and Pests of 2017

I hesitate to post now, lest there be more between now and 2018. But here is a collection made just for you. Welcome to coast.

This green mamba slithered out from the branches of
the tree in front of my house. Where he went after that
nobody knows.

Something supped on me in about 20 places just like this.

One of about 20 frogs found in my bathtub throughout the year.

All kind of bugs, many of which I killed before I took a picture.

A giant slug. How on earth do these things get inside.

This is an ant straw. Inside are thousands of little eggs.

Perhaps the most disgusting. The ants found a space under a food box,
another time under the printer (which they ate up and no longer works),
yet another under a duffel bag, and lastly under a storage box.
Four times this year. Just beyond YUK! This is what boys were made for, I'm quite sure.

He was my welcoming party. How he got into the fridge, I'll never know.

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Monday, December 25, 2017

100 Christmas Dollies 2017 Celebration

It was a merry Christmas at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hadu, Kenya as we made the long, long journey into Hadu, worshiped with the church, distributed 100 Christmas Dollies, and shared a meal together. So proud of this church and their leaders for all they've done to grow the church. Imagine these children alone inside a 25 x 25 sanctuary and multiply it by three. They truly need this expansion and I think God for you in helping roof what they've already begun.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Emmanuel Baptist Church Testimonies

Pastor Raymond from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hadu, Kenya was sure to point out that “all these testimonies are real!” And that these people increased their giving to the Lord and participated gratefully in fundraising for the church. All these years, Pr Raymond has been growing fruit from the seeds we sowed so many years ago. I thank God that he allowed us to enjoy it.

Sister Mary began selling porridge as she walked around town and she says she is “doing great!” She also makes charcoal to sell in town too.

Esther and her husband started a new shop after attending Surprised by Hope’s Entrepreneurship teachings. She said that those teachings opened up the way she thinks and now she has confidence in her business and her abilities as a result.

Sister Fatuma is happily selling chai, chapatti and more in her food kiosk. She started this business after the teaching too. She served Pr Ephantus and Pr Raymond as they met to discuss her new business. Pr Ephantus said, “Mmmm, it’s very nice food for sure.”

Christine is happy to be selling her home utensils and close in this new shop she started after the lessons. The teaching about knowing how to use their assets creatively really helped her.

Mama Gladys, Pastor Raymond’s wife, started selling fruits and vegetables as a result of the teaching. 

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100 Christmas Dollies: 2017 Beneficiary Announcement

I felt strangely pressed to visit a church we’d ministered through about four years ago. We don’t often lose touch, but somehow my life in Uganda made staying connected to this coastal Kenya church a challenge. We reconnected through the Sensible Shoes short-term ministry program in August and I was surprised by what I saw. Instantly I knew it was the Holy Spirit bringing me home. Prs Raymond and Amos humbly presented their church expansion project by leading us over the half-built threshold into the old church structure, which was overflowing with children.

At a later interview, Pr Raymond introduced four ladies who started new businesses as a result of our ministry-teaching, but was sure to point out they weren’t alone. A short time after these new businesses were launched the church had a fundraising ceremony and began constructing their expansion. We don't often get to see the results of seeds sown many years ago, but I am thankful for blind obedience in the urge to return to visit with Pr Raymond and the way the Lord encourages us all through relationships.

Between the time I met Pr Raymond for the Sensible Shoes ministry and the time Pr Ephantus returned for the interview, even more work had been done. Their next phase of constructions is beams and iron sheets for the roof.

Before the addition began, this is the church photo I took many years ago.
Walls for the expansion under construction in August.
The new construction almost doubles the size of the church.

The beautiful tree is gone now.

Who Qualifies
  • Surprised by Hope has several criteria that must be met before selecting the beneficiary of the 100 Christmas Dolly gift.
  • The church pastor or leaders must have attended a Surprised by Hope workshop.
  • The church must evidence direct application of some lesson from that workshop toward positive change in their church. We acknowledge that there are many ways to apply our lessons and that not all of them are tangible. However, our goal is to leave a tangible, long-lasting legacy and so we aim at selecting churches making physical improvements.
  • Church members must evidence their own motivation toward their goal without expecting the 100 Christmas Dolly gift.
  • Our gift must be only a minor portion of the overall work of the church construction. We are not in the business of building churches, it’s members are. We simply wish to offer a small gift to help them along.

As you can see, Prs Raymond and Amos, and Emmanuel Baptist Church of Hadu, Kenya, meet all these criteria very well. We are excited to award Emmanuel Baptist Church the 100 Christmas Dolly gift for 2017 and are so thankful for Pastor Raymond’s faithful service to the people of Hadu, Kenya.

How it Works
  • Choose the one (or several) dollies calling your name.
  • Make a tax deductible donation of $25 per dolly using PayPal, or send a check in the mail to the U.S. address at the bottom of the home page. Don’t forget to include your dolly number(s) in the comment field.
  • On Christmas day we will bring a full meal to the church and a simple Nativity message to the children with a gift for all the dollies we have sponsored.
  • Watch for a picture of your dolly with his or her new Kenyan mommy or daddy. Often these photos are posted online before your family gatherings on Christmas day.
  • Then we’ll use your donation money to invest in a roof for Emmanuel Baptist Church in Hadu. Watch for future progress updates.
  • Pray regularly for the child who received your dolly and for the church.

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